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Let Your Outside Shine: 3 Easy Tips for Selling During the Summer

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

In spite of what we’ve been taught, sometimes it isn’t what’s inside that

counts. In fact, when it comes to selling your home, the summer is a time

to truly embrace the outside, and make it shine.

Here are 3 simple tips that will instantly enhance your curb appeal:

The Lawn - green and trim

This almost sounds too simple, but water and mow the grass.

The yard is one of the first big impressions you get to make when selling

your home.

Pulling up to a property with a well-maintained yard can often,

in itself, be the deciding factor for potential buyers and their interest.

Keep the grass green and trimmed neatly.

The Bugs - shoo fly (and spiders)

Take a broom to those outside light fixtures and door frames, and clean

away any spider webs or debris.

Although we love the spiders and the bugs, we don’t love them when

we’re selling your home.

Buyers want to see nice, clean outside spaces.

The View - look, and then look again. And then really look.

Walk around the outside of your home and really look at it. Look at the

windows, the siding, the trim pieces. Look at the paint on the railings, the

treads on the stairs, the nails in the deck boards. Look at the trees and any

lowing lying limbs. Look at the driveway and the garage.

Look at the outside of your home and property as a buyer would. Notice

things that you would notice if you were examining a property to buy. And

then, fix them.

Simple fixes like power washing the siding, or repainting a light fixture and

railing can make thousands of dollars of difference when selling your


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