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Janet Aguilar


Arriving in the United States as a young immigrant, Janet was forced to stand up for herself at an early age. She fought to learn a new culture and a new language, both with unwavering determination. Now, she uses that same tenacity and fighting spirit for the benefit of her clients.

Janet knows that buying or selling real restate is one of the biggest decisions many of us will ever make. It can be scary and intimidating and thrilling and exciting.


Janet recognizes that the young, first-time home buyer sometimes needs more patience and hand-holding than the more seasoned investment broker. She also knows that in an ever-changing market she must be equally malleable in her strategies and negotiation tactics.

Janet knows how to fight tirelessly on behalf of her clients, helping each one achieve their goals step by step.

Janet's Experience

From tight deadlines to tighter markets, I've seen it all - for more than 30 years I have helped clients with various levels of experience and budgets supersede their real estate goals.


Notary Public

 Bi-lingual (english and spanish)

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Stefanie Catella

Team Coordinator

What Janet brings to the team with her tenacity and keen business sense, Stefanie brings with her empathy and compassion.


Navigating the world of real estate can be both very rewarding and challenging. The highs and low that come with strategizing, negotiating, winning and losing of bids can be exhausting.


As a clinical social worker by trade, Stefanie possesses the skills and expertise needed to fully support our clients through their buying or selling journeys.


Stefanie has the knack of pulling all of the pieces together, keeping the team on point, and making sure everyone is taken care of in the process.

Our Team

Realtor and Team Leader to a real estate group of professionals with the goal of providing the detailed steps for home purchasing. Real Estate Investing advisor to seasoned contractors and investors as well as to families looking to broaden their financial portfolio. Provides lists of properties available for purchase, procures properties when not available for sale, and creates product for the market when needed. Generate lists of properties that are well-matched with buyers’ needs and monetary resources Bridges opportunities for internationals to purchase real estate in the U.S., along with property management of the same. Guides renters, unqualified buyers and unsuspected home ownership dreamers in the preparation required to own.

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Our Values






We know all too well that the biggest part of real estate doesn’t have anything to do with buying or selling - it’s preparing for it.


Our team is hands-on, from start to finish. Whether you need junk removal, wall patching and painting, or help renovating a bathroom, we’re ready to take it off your hands.


Our team employs fully licensed and insured home improvement professionals, who provide our clients priority service. They are ready to do it all, so you can turn your focus to your next chapter.

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Honoring and encouraging diversity is central to our mission—and our team.

Our staff is multi-cultural and multi-lingual, and we have children with a variety of physical and mental differences.

We pride ourselves on the empowerment of our clients regardless of race, gender, ability, or orientation.

Whatever your needs, background, and walk and talk of life, you have a partner in us.


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